3D printing Creative Polymer


3D printing Creative Polymer

We give your 3D-printed sculpture the finishing touch with our detailed airbrush finish. Thanks to brilliant color depth, the result looks deceptively real.

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3D printing Creative Polymer

The perfect finish

Excellent painting for outstanding 3D sculptures

At Creative Polymer, we not only set standards in large-format 3D printing, but also offer a comprehensive service for painting your 3D printed figures. We use first-class colors and innovative techniques to give your sculptures the finishing touch. This gives the exhibits an incomparably authentic appearance. Painting is a crucial step in the manufacturing process of your oversized 3D sculpture. It not only gives the object color, but also serves to protect surfaces, highlight details and create a specific aesthetic.

Gold glänzender Flipflop in Übergröße aus dem 3D-Druck. Kunst in 3D-Druck. Creative Polymer.
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Speziallackierung eines 3D-gedruckten Objekts in der Bearbeitung eines professionellen Lackierers. Hochglanz-Oberflächenfinish.

surface treatment

For outstanding results, we work closely with you to understand your vision and achieve the perfect color and surface finish for your project.

Our process starts with a thorough preparation of the surface of your 3D printed figure. We ensure that the surface is smooth and free from irregularities to ensure a uniform painting result. We then select the appropriate paints and varnishes to achieve the desired aesthetics and effect.

Our airbrush painting techniques allow us to create the finest details and nuances to bring your characters to life. Whether it's realistic textures, vivid colors or subtle shades, we have mastered the art of painting and make your sculptures shine. We also offer a variety of surface treatments to add the finishing touch to your project. From gloss paints to matte finishes to special effects such as metallic paints or aging processes, we offer you a wide range of options to customize the look and feel of your characters.

Creative polymer is your reliable partner at your side, taking care of your 3D-printed figures from conception to completion and putting the finishing touches on them so that your project is a complete success.

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Thanks to our airbrush artist and surface finish expert Gerd Koch, every conceivable look can be created in our spacious paint chamber.

Kunstvolle Bemalung eines 3D-Druck in Übergröße von Creative Polymer. Messefigur, Skulptur aus dem 3D-Druck.
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3D-gedrucktes Messe-Exponat. Sitzbank in künstlerischer Optik aus dem 3D-Druck. 3D-Druck in Übergröße Creative Polymer.



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