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3D printing Creative Polymer


3D printing Creative Polymer

Ideally packaged, safely transported and expertly assembled for you. We are at your side until the property is in the desired location so that you can sit back and relax.

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3D printing Creative Polymer

Transport and set-up of 3D printing

As a team at Creative Polymer, we know that the process from design to the finished figure doesn't end with printing. That's why we offer a comprehensive service for shipping and on-site assembly of your 3D-printed figures.

Our shipping team will carefully package your figurines to ensure they arrive safely and unharmed at their destination. We use high-quality packaging materials and ensure that your figures are optimally protected during transport. Whether it's small sculptures or life-size exhibition figures, we treat every piece with the same care and attention.

Verpackung eines fertigen 3D-Drucks in Übergröße für den Transport zum Kunden.
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Montage eines 3D-Drucks auf der Messe. Versand und Montage von Creative Polymer.
3D-gedruckte Krake als Dekoration in einem Restaurant. Exponate im XXL-Format aus dem 3D-Drucker.

Personal training is more than simply working through a training plan. It is more about consciously taking care of your own body and achieving the best possible sense of well-being.

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3D-gedrucktes Messe-Exponat. Sitzbank in künstlerischer Optik aus dem 3D-Druck. 3D-Druck in Übergröße Creative Polymer.



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