3D printing Creative Polymer


3D printing Creative Polymer

What can be achieved with the help of 3D printing and what kind of projects have we already brought to life with it. Here you can find an overview of our work.

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3D printing projects

Creative art without limits

Breaking new ground
Art is a manifestation of human creativity and imagination, which unfolds in a variety of forms to spark emotions and inspire thought. It opens a window to a universe full of colors, textures and ideas, which invites the viewer to a dialogue with new perspectives and hidden worlds. Large-format 3D printing opens up unforgettable opportunities to bring this diversity to life — without the restrictions of traditional manufacturing methods, directly from the digital model.

About the project

Giant octopus in Berlin restaurant

Impressions that stick
Dive into another world. As part of the renovation of the high-class ROOT restaurant in the Telegraph Office in Berlin, a veritable highlight was to be created. An octopus with a diameter of about 4 meters, which should be attached to the wall. Due to its impressive size alone, the octopus creates a lasting impression.

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Gigantic Scarecrow figure inspires visitors at Dokomi

Innovative eye-catcher
As part of “DoKomi” 2022 in Düsseldorf, we had the privilege of bringing the main character Scarecrow from the manga “The Secret of Scarecrow” to life for our customer Altraverse.

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On big feet — shoes in XXL format

How to make a shoe
The launch of Elten's new collection of safety shoes in XXL was a resounding success. Thanks to the impressive size of our 3D-printed shoe exhibits, the exhibition stand became a trendy selfie spot within a very short time. The other exhibitors at the trade fair were also visibly impressed.

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In full splendor - A column sculpture 6 meters high

Monumental elegance in XXL
A monumental XXL replica of an exquisite work of art from our customer's private collection now impressively adorns the entrance area of the new company headquarters.

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A different kind of bench: knot-shaped comfort at the exhibition stand

Take a break.
For the IAA 2023 in Munich, we have created outstanding outdoor seating for MINI in collaboration with Winkels Interior. The custom-made seat loop is much more than just an eye-catcher: it acts as a sustainable oasis of peace and makes a distinctive statement in the lively center of the trade fair.

About the project

Plus size thirst quencher as a trade fair stand

Brand presence that catches the eye
At the leading international trade fair for the hotel and catering industry, we proudly presented a real highlight: The iconic 300-ml glass bottle, implemented as an impressive XXL exhibit.

About the project

Eyecatcher at the point of sales

Characterful customer magnets
In times of constant sensory overload, real eye-catchers make the difference. With our XXL replicas of the popular Tonies, we have created an irresistible customer magnet.

About the project

Functional prototypes

Efficiency in product development
Speed and efficiency are crucial in the time-critical phase of product development. For the EVO_1 cargo bike, an innovative electric cargo bike, we helped Antric implement several design iterations for trim parts. Our 3D printing solutions were used both in the cockpit and for outdoor components such as fenders.

About the project

Designer table

That's what winners look like
Thanks to the innovative design, our customer from Hagen Design was able to win several times. We warmly congratulate Exhibitor Magazine'S Euroshop Awards on winning first place and receiving the EDDI Award 2023.

About the project

Company logo as a figure

Three-dimensional presence with character
Bringing the company logo to life. On behalf of our cooperation partner Schmincke, the renowned German manufacturer of artists' paints, we had the honor to design our customer's characteristic logo in three dimensions. Within a very short time, we create a detailed 3D model based on the two-dimensional logo.

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3D-gedrucktes Messe-Exponat. Sitzbank in künstlerischer Optik aus dem 3D-Druck. 3D-Druck in Übergröße Creative Polymer.



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