3D printing Creative Polymer

3D printing

3D printing Creative Polymer

The heart of the process — the start of printing in the 3D printer. We produce oversized prints up to x m high and x m wide.

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3D printing Creative Polymer

Plus size 3D printing

Large-format 3D printing is the central element of every 3D printing project. So that we can also implement large and time-critical projects on time, we use a machine park of 30 large-format FDM 3D printers for implementation (see blog) back.

Our 3D printers were developed and built entirely in-house. This makes it possible to quickly adjust production capacity when demand increases in the short term and ensures complete maintenance without long waiting times for spare parts. The printers with an installation space of 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm (x-y-z) and 1000 x 1000 x 2000 mm (x-y-z-) are designed in such a way that even print jobs lasting several days can be carried out reliably without problems.

Große Krakenskulptur aus dem 3D-Druck. Creative Polymer.
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3D-Drucker bei der Arbeit. Entstehung eines 3D-Druckes in Übergröße. Creative Polymer.

The process

After the 3D model has been created by us or provided by you, we prepare the 3D model for large-format 3D printing. Depending on geometric complexity, load profile and time frame, we break down the 3D model into several individual parts and adjust the process parameters.

The machine code is then transferred directly to the printers via our own interface and the printing process is started. During production, we keep you continuously up to date with image and video material.

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Überdimensionaler Schuh aus dem 3D-Druck von Creative Polymer.

After completion, the individual components of a print are assembled and finally assembled. In this way, the paint is the most uniform. If transport requires it, the parts can also be dismantled again.

Teildrucke einer großen Figur aus dem 3D-Druck. Skulptur aus dem 3D-Drucker in Übergröße. XXL-3D-Druck von Creative Polymer
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3D-gedrucktes Messe-Exponat. Sitzbank in künstlerischer Optik aus dem 3D-Druck. 3D-Druck in Übergröße Creative Polymer.



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