3D printing Exhibits in XXL format

Impressive sculptures, exhibition figures and works of art — find out how 3D printing can make your project a real success.

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3D printing Creative Polymer
Large-format 3D printing

Attention is the be-all and end-all. Large exhibits transform simple interactions into unforgettable experiences and remain memorable.

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3D printing Creative Polymer

Our services

3D modeling

A precise 3D file is at the heart of every 3D printing project. If you don't have a 3D file yet, that's no problem. Our experts are happy to create a 3D model based on an idea, sketch or image.

Large format 3D printing

Large-format 3D printing is our specialty. With our specially developed large format 3D printers, we bring your idea to life in an impressive size — for every area of application and every occasion.

(airbrush) painting

A perfect finish makes the difference. We prepare your project for further processing by carefully sanding and puttying and ensure the perfect appearance with a tailor-made (airbrush) paint.

Assembly device & bracket

Every project is unique and requires the right support. In our metal workshop, we design and manufacture the right bracket for your project so that it can be presented safely and optimally.

Dispatch & assembly

We'll take care of the safe packaging and shipping of your project. With custom-made packaging, we ensure safe transportation, and when needed, our team is ready to assist with on-site assembly.

Our services

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Project process

This is how a project works with us


Initial consultation and planning
Detailed communication at the start of a project is the key to success. Together with you, we coordinate the exact scope of the project, define the objectives and advise you on the right choice of materials and procedure.


Preparation of offers
Based on the information collected, we will create your tailor-made offer. As soon as you confirm the offer, we start working immediately. Usually within 24 hours of your request.


3D modeling and preparation
Depending on your initial situation, we model your project in 3D or prepare the existing model for 3D printing.


3D printing
As soon as the 3D model is prepared, printing can begin. Taking into account the optimal process parameters, the 3D printers get started and make your project a reality.


Post-processing & (airbrush) painting
The component is then removed from supporting structures and prepared for further processing and/or (airbrush) painted after consultation with you.


Dispatch and assembly
Finally, we ensure project-specific packaging, fast shipping and, if necessary, assist you with on-site assembly.

Project process


3D printing?

Large-format 3D printing offers numerous advantages.


Large-format 3D printing opens up new horizons. Can be used flexibly both indoors and outdoors. Complex geometries and creative shapes are easy to implement.


Time-critical inquiries are our daily bread. Make your project a reality within a very short time through automated production on our large-format 3D printers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

economic efficiency

Direct production from a digital 3D model. Cost-intensive tools, molds and devices are becoming obsolete and time-consuming manual rework was once upon a time.


Resource efficiency and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do. Our material for outdoor use is made from 100% recycled plastic and scrap can be completely processed into new material.

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Large format 3D printing • Large format 3D printing •

Large format 3D printing • Large format 3D printing •

Large format 3D printing • Large format 3D printing •

Large format 3D printing • Large format 3D printing •

Large format 3D printing • Large format 3D printing •

Large format 3D printing • Large format 3D printing •

About us

Creative Polymer is your creative partner for individual, large-format sculptures, sculptures and prototypes. Discover the added value of large-format 3D printing for yourself. Let us set new standards together. We are excited to hear about your idea and look forward to hearing from you.

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Where is Creative Polymer located?

Our head office is located in Bochum. We have structured our order processing in such a way that all coordination steps can be carried out online or over the phone. Our new, even larger production hall is currently under construction. We produce 3D prints for companies throughout Germany and across Europe.

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