Giant octopus in Berlin restaurant

Impressions that stick
Dive into another world. As part of the renovation of the high-class ROOT restaurant in the Telegraph Office in Berlin, a veritable highlight was to be created. An octopus with a diameter of about 4 meters, which should be attached to the wall. Due to its impressive size alone, the octopus creates a lasting impression.

Über das Projekt

400 cm

60 kg

Project time

14 days
printing time

A particular challenge was to ensure that the octopus was securely attached to the wall. We have therefore adjusted the 3D model and process parameters accordingly to ensure safe assembly. In addition, we have manufactured a special wall bracket in our locksmith shop, which enables secure and stable mounting.

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3D-gedrucktes Messe-Exponat. Sitzbank in künstlerischer Optik aus dem 3D-Druck. 3D-Druck in Übergröße Creative Polymer.



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